Friday, May 15, 2015

Hamvention 2015 - Trip to Ohio

I've lost count but is probably my 14th trip to Hamvention. To be honest, I lived in Dayton for 6 years and attended Hamvention three of the years so those where easy trips. Living in Dayton, Hamvention spoiled me on hamfests. Take Hara Arena and pack in equipment manufacturers, retailers, groups, demonstrations, exams, 25,000 (give or take) attendees and you have one large group of great people and equipment - and that doesn't include the flea market in Hara's parking lot! If you look at the map, you can see that it is an extensive layout. After moving away from Dayton I have made an effort to make it back on as many occasions as possible.  This year I am lucky to be able to attend again with my father and so far the trip has started out fairly routine. Leave the house in Maryland between 4AM and 5AM, drive 435 miles, and suffer through Ohio Turnpike construction. Unfortunately, I tried to make it to Ohio in time for the 9 AM trivia net outside of Cleveland, Ohio but by the time I made it in range of the repeater the net was about over. Maybe next year.

On my drive I always enjoy stopping at the Somerset Plaza on the PA Turnpike. Other than it is a good point to take a break, I like spending a few minutes watching the wind generators. For some reason I just find these peaceful to watch. From the plaza you can see a few of them and they have a description of the wind power generation.

Before I hit the rain in Ohio I did encounter an interesting cloud formation. I don't recall ever seeing one that looked like it has 90 degree or near 90 degree angles. 
Tomorrow we leave early for Dayton. I'm excited to go but more excited that once again my father and I can do this together.


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