Friday, April 19, 2013

Organic Lawn Fertilizers

If I could bypass fertilizer all together I would but I have found that two 50lb-60lb dogs damage and stress out the lawn with all of their running around, especially in the rainy months. In my endeavor to strive to be more environmentally friendly I began using low nitrogen organic fertilizers four years ago. 

I have had mixed results with organic products. One of these organic products caused six inch mushrooms to grow every night for a couple of weeks giving the dogs a potentially poisonous treat. Picking mushrooms at 5 am so the dogs do not eat them is not a treat for the humans!

Two years ago I decided to switch to a liquid organic hydrolyzed fish solubles fertilizer and kelp. Due to the fish oil in the fertilizer the yard has a bit of a fish odor. Fortunately the odor is slowly diminishing. Though I am not sure what the neighbors think about the smell the day after the spraying.

After the first year I can say that the liquid organic hydrolyzed fish solubles fertilizer and kelp does work well. I also have been using a similar product on my garden and outside plants with great results. Until it stops raining the grass stayed green without growing at a horrendous rate. 

It it not for everyone but I do recommend composting, organic fertilizer, rain barrels, etc. It does take more time but I believe it is less taxing on the environment.