Saturday, April 1, 2017

Over the Counter Orthotics - Samurai Insoles

Having flat wide feet can greatly limit a person's shoe selection. The show needs to be available in wide widths, with a removable insole, and comfortably accommodates orthotics. These requirements can reduce the limitless shoe selection down to only a few brands. I have had insole orthotics since my 7th grade running days and until December 2016, have had to suffer with finding shoes that fit both my wide foot and orthotics. I've had custom orthotics made for $300-$500 a pair and results are not always great. One pair was supportive but I was never able to find a shoe that comfortably accepted the orthotics and my feet. My current custom orthotics require replacement and while I have tried OTC orthotics over the years, I have not had any luck until I found orthotics from Samurai Insoles.

Plain and simple, these insoles are wonderful only $40!

If purchasing Samurai Insoles on Amazon, you will receive an email with tips. I recommend reading the tips and following the tips based on your situation. The tips are:

TIP #1: We recommend a new(ish) pair of quality, well fitting sneakers, boots, or clogs to go with your Samurai Insoles. If they have a manufacturer's insole that can be removed and replaced with our insoles, even better! 

TIP #2: Simply remove the manufacturer's insoles from your shoe, and replace them with your new pair of Samurai Insoles. 

TIP #3: Samurai Insoles are designed to fit in your shoes without any trimming necessary. But hey, there's LOTS of different sizes and shapes of shoes out there!  So, if your insoles have an uncomfortable amount of excess material at the toes trim a small amount of material away from the front of the insole only.  

TIP #4: You'll notice a rim where the padded case has been vacuum sealed to our unique orthotic shell in the heel area.  Yes, this should be there!  As part our unique design, the material around the orthotic shell is simply to anchor the insole to your shoe.  You should not feel the vacuum sealed rim during use.  If you do, please let us know. 

TIP #5 (LAST, BUT MOST IMPORTANT): We recommend becoming accustomed to your Samurai Insoles over the course of 7-14 days. Start off by wearing your Samurai insoles about an hour the first time, then replace them with your shoe manufacturer's original insoles. Repeat this process every day, adding an additional hour of use with each successive day, until you reach 8 consecutive hours of use. If your feet become fatigued while wearing Samurai Insoles, remove them at that point, and wear them the following day for the same time period, increasing the amount of time worn by an hour each successive day. 

If you are searching for OTC insoles, I highly recommend the Samurai Insoles. Check them out on Amazon. As always, YRMV.

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