Saturday, June 25, 2016

HOA Activity - Meet Your Neighbor

Historically, our Home Owners Association has not sponsored events for the residents of our community. Our Board of Directors, of which I am serving as president, has changed over in recent years and is becoming much more active. We held our first, of hopefully many, Meet Your Neighbor event at our community pavilion and it was a success!
Because this was our first event of this type. we went small. Our offering was grilled hot dogs, chips, cookies, water, and juice. As an incentive, we also held a drawing for all of the residents who attended for two $25 gift certificates to a local restaurant. We purchased food for 64 residents for under $100 plus $50 for the door prizes. For a little under $150 we had a great afternoon and met with some wonderful people.

I am looking forward to many more of these community events.

First Response Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test

First Response now has a Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test. 

It is said to make it easier... Because waiting the required time and looking at the mark on the stick was too difficult????